NTI Packets

Non-Traditional Instruction Packets for Days 1-10 can be found below or on individual teacher websites. Scroll down below them to find NTI days 11-20.
NTI Days will be announced through radio, television, and social media to let families know that school has been cancelled for the day. The school district will send a Parents need to ensure phone numbers are updated in Infinite Campus.  A notice will be placed on the Todd County School District Facebook page and Todd County School District websites. Announcements for NTI days will be on radio stations: (WEKT 1070 AM, WHOP 98.7 FM) and the following TV stations: (WBKO 13, WSMV 4, WKRN 2, WTVF 5, and WZTV 17).  If no report is heard, school will be in session.
NTI Days 1-10
NTI Days 11-20