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At Todd County Middle School, our vision is "Together, Creating Opportunities for Mastery and Success for All." This vision reminds us that our goal is to make sure ALL students successfully navigate the important social and academic milestones that occur during the middle school years. Our teachers strive to accommodate students wherever they may be in their academic growth, all while maintaining high expectations for all. These expectations will propel the students of TCMS to achieve at the highest levels in high school and beyond, so that they can be masters of their futures.

Thank you, parents, for sending us the best students in the state. We invite you to work with us to support and maintain these high expectations in academics, behavior, and social growth. We value community involvement in our endeavors, and we constantly seek input for how to serve our students in the best way possible. We expect the 2016-17 school year to be the BEST ever at TCMS, and with your support, it will be easy to achieve!

Les Broady, Principal